Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving Forward

It has been said that if you are not moving forward you are moving backwards.  I agree.  If we think we are treading water or staying steady, I have found about the time you think you are keeping up the finish line moves and you are further behind.  Change is not an option. Neither is personal growth. 

So why do I think we as a congregation are moving forward? 

There are so many people who are taking seriously their personal growth in knowing and applying the Word of God to their daily life.  And the transformations are evident.  It is so exciting to watch and hear.

We are not afraid to change.  We embrace the need for change and are seeking ways to be effective.  And we are finding change is fun.

We are unleashing the troops even more.  Upwards Sports and Operation Christmas Child are two stunning examples.  Lay led, both are making a huge impact.  In fact, OCC, without direct staff leadership, is going to go beyond all levels of giving in previous years.  Your generosity and the excellent team effort make the difference.

We most of all are sensing, yearning for, and seeing the Spirit of God move among us in fresh ways.  Everything else would be meaningless apart from this. 

We will continue on this path, and the fruit will come as the Lord brings it.  And along the way, the joy of the Lord will be our strength. 

Let's spur each other on toward love and good deeds, never forsaking meeting together and encouraging one another.

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  1. If many of us as Christians would only tell ourselves "...It's not about me!" and understand that all praise and glory belongs to Jesus...then we would really see Him use us for the building of His Kingdom.