Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IF Silence is Golden; This must be Fort Knox

I've been away from this blog for so long I almost forgot I had it.  But I've been feeling the need to have a place to process some of the things I've been thinking.  So I'm back; and hope to be more consistent.

I've been in a number of conversations lately where I've concluded that there are many people who live with both fantasies and perceived losses.  They perceive that either through tragic events in their past or unfulfilled dreams now that they have missed something.  So they take steps to fill the gap.  While spending the money, playing with the toys or pursuing the forbidden relationship, they live in an unreal world where they are being "fulfilled."  That is where the rub comes.  To pursue the things to fill the void, people steal time, energy, resources and creativity from their spouse, their family, or their work.  Or all of them at the same time.  And while their fantasy "feels" more fulfilling, they are missing the opportunity to see what their reality would be if they had invested all those resources into their marriage, their family or their career. 

The sad thing is that the trust and character that are lost in the process are hard to rebuild.  It would be far less painful and far more productive to humbly draw on the grace of God to do the work of relationship with those you love then to pursue a fantasy world.  And the only way to resolve a hole in your heart from a past tragedy is to lose yourself in the person of Jesus Christ, the Healer of all wounded hearts.

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