Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hour of Decision

Many of you reading this blog may never have heard those words as the title of a program.  But as I was growing up, the Billy Graham association radio program was called that, the Hour of Decision.  The title itself indicates that there are points in our lives when we must make a choice.  And the hour is now.

   For me, there are points of decision every day.  Not just mundane things like what shall I eat or what shall I wear today.  Important things, like what will I do today to grow closer to Jesus?  How will I spend my time today?  How will I serve the needs of others today?  What can I do to improve my work environment?  Who can I pour my life into today that will make a difference for tomorrow?

   Do you think about questions like that each day?  I try to.  But some days it feels more like, how will I get everything done I need to do today?  What emails or calls do I need to answer?  How many meetings do I have?  Can I do my work and still make it to the ________ (show, tee time, game??)

    My encouragement for us all is simply this:  we have the power to make a choice.  Choice.  By the grace of God you and I have the ability to choose how we will spend the 168 hours we have per week; how we will use the money we are stewards of; how we will speak to others; and what we will give ourselves to.  Once we come to Christ, and our lives change, the new things feel weird, but perseverance will help us attain the goal by making right choices every day.

   Happiness is a daily choice.  Godliness is an hourly choice.  Love is a choice.  None of these are left to chance but formed by the daily choices we make.  So are you living like a victim of your emotions and circumstance or are you making the right choices each day?  This is your hour of decision.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worth waiting

   We leave today to bring the rest of our belongings to Buffalo.  We hope to be settled into our new home here by July.  It feels like it has taken a long time.  But time is a funny thing.  When we want something, it seems to trudge along like molasses.  When we want to savor something, it runs like a chetah.  Yet in both situations there is much for us to learn.

   Isaiah spoke well when he said, "Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him."  Isaiah 64:4

Waiting.  Its not just sitting idle.  It is actively watching for what the Lord will do in the circumstance while we are also staying focused on honoring Him.  It is not being sidetracked by the desire.  Let Him take care of that in His time.  "What does that matter to you" Jesus said to Peter.  "You follow me."  That is our call, our duty, our life.

And when He acts, it is always good.  For us, the home we are getting is perfect for the needs and desires we have had.  And during the time, we have had provision.  So we are very grateful.

I encourage us not to be impatient or fall into the trap of thinking that God doesn't care when time is in the molasses mode.  It is in those times He is doing His finest work.