Thursday, November 3, 2011

Absolute Loyalty to Jesus

I am crucified with Christ. . . .  That single phrase from Galatians 2:20 begs a practical question:  Is my absolute loyalty to Jesus Christ or not?  The question in most people's minds seems to be if Jesus Christ is absolutely loyal to me and not me to Him. 

   Loyalty means that I desire to know His heart.  It means I do what He wants.  It means that my relationship with Him takes first priority over all other relationships.  It means I speak up to others when He moves me to speak, without shame or hesitancy.  Loyalty means if asked to do something immoral, unethical or illegal, I don't.  Loyalty means I don't move in with my boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage just because it saves money.  Loyalty means that I pursue knowing what God desires of me by studying the Bible.  Loyalty means that I prioritize and am intentional about the things that are important to the Lord rather than assuming its ok to move those things to the back burner in lieu of other things.  Loyalty means that if a choice needs to be made between a friendship or standing with Jesus, Jesus wins. 
   Steven Khoury, our Arab Pastor friend who spoke this past weekend demonstrated that loyalty to Jesus may mean a beating; being disowned by your family; threats; and loneliness.  But there is no other way to live.  I am crucified with Christ.
   So let's ask it again:  Am I absolutely loyal to Jesus Christ?  Jesus has already demonstrated His absolute loyalty to us.  But God demonstrated His own love toward us in this:  while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  What would it mean for me to move from where I am to absolute loyalty?

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