Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Couldn't Say It Better

Oswald Chambers has been one of the influential people in my life for a long time.  I was asked recently how to live out the life of Christ, like a part of the remnant of God in the land.  Oswald put it succinctly thus:

The test of the life of a saint is not success, but faithfulness in human life as it actually is. We will set up success in Christian work as the aim; the aim is to manifest the glory of God in human life, to live the life hid with Christ in God in human conditions. Our human relationships are the actual conditions in which the ideal life of God is to be exhibited.

 That's it.  It is a simple life and a challenging life.  The pressures are always present to get caught up in things that don't matter.  Living this kind of life will render you unnoticeable generally but will draw people to you because the Lord is oozing out of you.  Success is determined not by numbers, awards, acknowledgements or articles.  The sole determinant of success is whether the glory of God is being manifested in your life. 

I have to ask each day which I desire:  to be noticed or to have Christ be noticed in me?  The free and gloriously joy-filled life is the second.

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