Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christ's Love and Puzzles

We began a 1000 piece puzzle yesterday.  It is based on a murder mystery and as you put the puzzle together you get clues as to "who dun it." There are times pieces seem to fit, but they don't.  We had no picture to go by, so we had to go piece by piece in putting patterns, colors, and words together.  Little by little pieces of the puzzle came together.  The picture was becoming more clear. 
   You have to be patient and persistent in working one of these things.  If you stare at the chaos long enough to find "the" piece, it all becomes a blur.  But if you are consistent in trying to capture the patterns it eventually comes together.  The pieces seem to come to you.
   In 2 Corinthians 5, Paul says, "The love of Christ compels us. . .   We are Christ's ambassadors. . . "  Because of what Christ has done for us, we are compelled to help others put the puzzle of life together.  Sometimes we get so focused on one piece for them, and we get frustrated when we can't find it.  We forget that Christ is working to bring the pieces together.  So we can patiently look for the pattern, the parts that seem to be coming together at this point that will give a glimpse of the greater whole.  Encouraging them through the process, standing beside them, and pointing out the "little victories" along the way helps them stick with it.  They begin to see Jesus more and more clearly until they finally "get it."  And life falls in place the way God intended.
   It reminds me to let the compelling love of Christ motivate me not to give up and not allow those I care about to give up.  Sometimes we have to change perspectives in looking at the pieces or even take a little time pulling back.  But we don't give up until the picture become clear.
   Come to think of it, its time to get back at it.  Our mystery is not solved yet.

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