Monday, December 21, 2015

Impossible - NOT

Can you remember a time?  Or perhaps it didn't happen to you or for you directly, but a family member or friend experienced it. If so, does the sense of awe still grip you?  (By now, you are probably thinking, "Did he forget a sentence in here or something?")

What I'm talking about is the impossible.  Have you ever had the impossible happen for you?  Its impossible to answer the questions above without a context.  Now that you know, you feel empowered to answer.  Until then, you were powerless and confused.  Its a dark time.

That is how life can be.  We can feel powerless and confused, at a loss as to how to face the giant (like David) or the lack of resources (like the widow at Zarephath) or the death of our only son (like the widow at Nain).  These times feel like they will destroy us.  There is no possible way to make it through.  But God.......

When we read the Christmas story we are reminded that it felt impossible to Zechariah and Elizabeth that they would ever have a child, let alone a son.  But God made it possible.  It was impossible for a virgin to conceive and bear a child.  But the power of the Most High overshadowing Mary made it possible.  It is seemingly impossible that a couple in Nazareth (northern Israel) would find themselves in Bethlehem (70-80 miles to the south) at the time their baby was due, but God made it possible. And thus the prophecy of where the Messiah would be born was fulfilled.   There are other story lines we could follow.  And the story continues to be told down through history.  It is exactly as Jesus told the disciples later when they felt the sting of impossibility:

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
                                                                                                (Matthew 19:26)

Are you facing something "impossible" this Christmas?  Or perhaps you anticipate something impossible before you as you peer into the pages of 2016.  The good news for us today is there are no impossibilities when you rest in the hand of the God of the impossible.  For Him, ALL things are possible.  And that includes what feels impossible for you.

Are you ready to feel it?  Do you believe you will?  Never forget that what we can't do, He can.

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