Friday, June 15, 2012

What A Privilege

With Billy Graham at BGEA Headquarters, Charlotte, NC
Someone asked me recently if we received our picture of us with Billy Graham.  We received it a week or two ago and I've posted it here.  While his body is weak (at 94 he's allowed) his mind is still sharp and still focused on the mission.  Everything about his library and the Association headquarters points to Jesus Christ.  The man and his team are mentioned but the obvious intention is to give glory, praise and attention to the grace of God and the salvation provided for us by Jesus.  We felt so privileged to have this opportunity be a part of our journey.

   We will never have a library built in our honor.  But I did think about what we have hanging on our walls, written in our journals, seen in our picture albums, and known from our conversations.  If people walked through the imaginary library of our lives, what would they see and hear?  My prayer is that Jesus would be as centrally evident in our lives as He is in Dr. Graham's library.  What is in your library? 

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