Saturday, May 5, 2012

Say It Again

Engaging Every Person to Become a Passionate Follower of Jesus Christ.  That is our purpose.  To engage means that we believe the Bible is Eternal Truth.  And when we respond to that truth by faith, God gives us a New Heart.  At that point we experience and live in the Grace of God and extend it to others. We find Authentic Living is so freeing, that we can be who we are at all times. Since we have died to ourselves and live for Jesus, we can experience intentional, Growing Relationships with the Lord, our families, friends and acquaintances.  We also step up so that Everyone is Equipped to tell our personal story of God's grace to anyone who asks and also to serve others to show the love of Christ.

Toward this end, we work hard at having an atmosphere where we can be open and honest with each other so we can help and encourage each other in the pursuit.  We are intentional about trying to provide opportunities for everyone to move forward in the process.  So if you have been attending and you want to move forward, its time to join a small group or take one of the classes offered to start building relationships while learning more about the Bible and the God of the Bible.  If you have enjoyed attending and building some relationships but aren't serving in any way, its time to step up and give of yourself in helping others.  And do it without expecting something in return.  We serve for the sake of showing the love of Christ, not for reward or brownie points.  And if you have been doing all these things but have never shared your story with anyone, its time to prayerfully ask the Lord to give you an opportunity.  But be ready to do it in three minutes or less, simply telling what your life was like before you met Jesus and how He changed you.  Not all the details, but the essence.  That gives the person the option of asking for more and you can see how the Lord is helping you connect with them.

How are you doing in the journey?  How are we doing in helping you?  If there is a way to help you more, email me with your thoughts or questions:

Pastor Pat

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