Saturday, April 7, 2012

If I Were There. . . . .

We tend to think rationally, reasonably.  At this time of year, I try to imagine what it would be like if I had been there for those last days of Jesus' life.  And where would I be?  What would I be thinking?

It is hard without being in the situation, I understand.  But I assume I would be much like those who were there.  We were feeling good about things at the meal.  We went to pray and Jesus and the three "top dogs" went a little further.  Suddenly there were soldiers everywhere and Judas was there.  Jesus said something about him at the meal but I wasn't quite sure what He meant.  But it was clear now.  Judas led these soldiers here.  Betrayed.  Now Jesus was in the hands of the religious leaders who wanted Him dead.  We had to run in the darkness and then follow behind. 

Then on Friday, at the same time the Passover lamb was being killed, Jesus was being crucified.  This can't be.  How can He bring in the Kingdom if He dies.  He had to come off that cross.  He had to.  Its the only way it makes sense.  Then He died.  And He was placed in a tomb.   We are in shock and disbelief.  We were sure He was the answer, the Anointed One.  Now we don't know.

 We're confused?  Jesus has walked away from such situations before.  When they wanted to stone Him in Nazareth, He looked at them and walked through them.  They tried to capture Him in the temple courts before, but it seemed fear of the people kept them away.  But now it was night.  And the darkness spiritually was as deep as the night.  So much evil happens under cover of darkness.

We wonder what tomorrow will bring.

 Time hasn't changed this scenario.  There are people today who come to understand things up to the point of Jesus dying.  But they miss the point of the Resurrection.  The resurrection confirms the ugliness of the cross, the conquering of sin and death.  Life reigns.  That is what tomorrow will bring.

Has tomorrow come for you??

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