Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Children Know

"Jesus loves the little children. . . ."  Jesus said we must enter heaven like a little child.  In our Upper Room, people can pray about many things.  There is an area to sit and humble ourselves.  An area that represents brokenness.  An area for revival.  An area for thankfulness and an area for waiting on the Lord.  There are people using it and it is exciting to think how their prayers are being answered. 

I loved hearing from Mark Matteson about their children asking questions and desiring to go to the Upper Room to pray for people they love.  Mark shared with me that they went there to pray after services and the kids loved it so much they spent over 25 minutes there, going section by section, praying and writing, and being thankful before the Lord. 

What a precious picture of the love of a Heavenly Father and the love He enjoys from little children.  We have much to learn from the children.

May we all enjoy His presence as much as little Julia!!

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