Saturday, January 14, 2012

Changing My World

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers; falsely accused by Mrs. Potipher; forgotten by the cup bearer and now is sitting in jail for two more years before. . . .   Pause.  How do I perceive or handle my injustices?  In conversations, Joseph confesses the injustices done to him without wallowing in misery because of them.  Even before seeing his brothers eight or nine years from now, and putting everything into perspective, I believe Joseph allowed all injustice to be resolved in the courtroom of God.  When asked by the cupbearer and also Pharaoh, he quickly attributed to God alone the ability to interpret dreams.  His was a life lived in the universe of a Sovereign who masterfully administers justice, provision, hope, even life itself.  No despair, just watching for God-purposes in all things.
   Now through the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream, Joseph is placed in charge of preparing Egypt for the seven years of famine.  But if you read the text carefully in Genesis 40-42, you will find that this famine was affecting the whole world.  So in essence, Joseph was used to make provision for the world's food supply.  Wow, talk about making a difference.  In addition, he was used by God to preserve his family and fulfill God's promises to his great-grandfather Abraham.
   Instead of trying to always reason out why we have experienced some set back or even injustice, why not lose the event in the courtroom of God and ask God to help us make a difference where we are (in slavery, the jail, or an exalted political position)?

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