Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a Quality

I was with some other men recently doing some study and a familiar psalm that I had not read in some time was referred to.  There is a wonderful phrase in the middle of it that jumps off the page to me.  There are so many times when I have experienced disappointment in myself and others for not carrying through with what was promised.  What was promised on Monday isn't done until Friday, or perhaps even forgotten.  A real or implied warranty really has so many stipulations that there is no warranty at all.  I'll call you later to see how you are doing.  Really?  I'm still waiting.  Sometimes we speak quickly and mean well and then realize that to do what we promised will cause some pain or discomfort.  It will be hard to do.  We don't think so when we make the promise.  Thought it would be easy.  I mean,  the way I feel now it will be a breeze.  Where did that marvelous feeling go two days later, or two decades later?  Now what was going to be a breeze is challenging and I'm not sure I want to carry through.
   David, in describing a man who is righteous, a man who comes before the throne of God, a man who has been prepared by the blood of Jesus, says that he "keeps his oath even when it hurts." (Psalm 15:4b) Even when it hurts.  The word means it may injure us or break us to do so.  But in doing so we prove integrity.  We prove righteousness.  We show honor to the Lord who redeemed us.
   The question to ask perhaps is this:  Is the honor of God and my personal integrity worth suffering some pain in order to prove that my "yes" means "yes" and my "no" means "no?"  Will I keep my oath even when it hurts?

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