Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spending the Last Day

Every year I think about it.  How will I spend the "last day" of the year?  Pastor Andy spent the "last day" with his Grampa this past week, singing hymns and rejoicing over the godly example he set for the next generations.  I have a pastor friend who is holding his Dad's hand in a hospital, encouraging him about the many lives he has touched in his decades of ministry.  Its funny how those who have done the most feel like they have done the least.  It shows the humble spirit of Jesus in them.  "When did we do that, Lord?" 
   But today as a last day is different.  This isn't the "last day" kinda last day.  Or is it?  Could be.  So how would I live it differently if it were?  2011 is done.  Can't change what was but I can review and change how I will use the time allotted me in 2012. 
   So for me, I want to spend more time seeking Jesus.  I want to live like I believe that five loaves and two fish fed nearly ten thousand people with more left over than there was in the beginning.  I want to strategize and plan like I believe that if God asks me to march around rather than fight that the walls of my Jericho will come down.  I want to pray with and encourage people like I believe that God can restore double back to those who have lost everything yet remain faithful to Him, just like Job.  I want to lead like I believe that the church can look more like Acts rather than the American church I know. 
   More Bible and less babble.  Fasting and praying rather than feasting and playing.  Sitting in silence and listening rather than speaking and revealing my ignorance.  Facetime on the floor rather than the computer. 
   A little bit of lofty goal submitted to Jesus will transform me in 2012.  That is my greatest desire.

What are you thinking about today?  Last days are good for us.  A new day starts tomorrow.

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