Friday, March 23, 2012

A Profound Truth

I had breakfast with a dear brother this morning.  He has been a great inspiration to us since we have been here in Buffalo.  His journey is one filled with tremendous challenges being constantly met by a more tremendous, loving Heavenly Father.  It is always a joy being with him.

I asked him what the Lord has been teaching him recently.  He said he has spent the past year in his devotions reading the Psalms and Proverbs.  What the Lord has been overwhelming him with is the love of God.  Not as an attribute of God but as Who God is.  He was taught once again that the most important pursuit for us as believers is to know God intimately. Not His gifts or blessings.  But God Himself.

Then he made this profound observation.  There are many people who are seeking or chasing after miracles.  They go from church to church, teacher to teacher, place to place, chasing after miracles.  But the Scriptures teach that we are to pursue knowing the Lord and the miracles will follow us in that journey.  We are not to pursue the miraculous but the miraculous will follow us.  And even though he has seen and experienced many miraculous things in his life, he is still convinced the greatest miracle is a transformed life.  I agree.

My friend is a wise, godly man.  May we all pursue knowing the Lord this way.

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